Fragment of Long-Term Memory: A Surreal and Realistic Photo Manipulation Series by Yuichi Ikehata

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Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata, aka Kakuunohito, creates unsettling and fascinating figures of fragmented human body parts that represent the flimsy borders in a world of reality and fiction. His handmade sculptures are made of wire, clay, and paper.
Instead of being a “pure myth,” Yuichi Ikehata’s “real” world is a potent reflection of the inner universe, which includes a wide range of thoughts, feelings, and memories. His artistic exploration of the flimsy distinctions between reality and non-reality, which are “very intimate, so it is not too much to say that they are almost one,” is fascinating. The contrasting emotions or feelings of joy and sorrow, which complete one another, are all pieces of the reality we experience, I collect fragments edit, arrange and capture them. For more info: http://website,,


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