American artist Forest Rogers creates delicate and whimsy surrealistic sculptures of fantastical beings by drawing inspiration from myths and mystical creatures from the West and the East.

In terms of how I come up with ideas, I typically start scribbling with a ballpoint pen on a pad of medium-weight tracing paper while sitting in a coffee shop watching pigeons dance and peck. I have enough ideas bouncing around in my head that will live beyond this moment. They change as I write. I repeatedly scribble the same topic to help me think about it. I draw these in a very loose manner. This gives me flexibility when I go to sculpt, allowing the object to interact with me and evolve. I usually create the being’s head after the sketching phase. Since heads contain identities, they aid in my decision-making. I will then sketch the whole piece in Armature wire, looking for all sides for  balance. Below are some of the works by forest Rogers. For More Info. Website/, Facebook. Instagram.


















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