Flying-Like-An-Eagle: Air Peace Boss, Allen Onyema Redefines Aviation Sector In Africa

Flying-Like-An-Eagle: Air Peace Boss, Allen Onyema Redefines Aviation Sector In Africa

Air Peace boss, Allen Onyema, has remained a delight to aviation industry watchers.

Indeed, he has steadfastly been redefining the industry since he came on board. It will be recalled that his arrival on the scene had caused a stir in the industry, when he reeled out beautiful promises to his potential customers.

For some observers, Onyema’s continued relevance, nay staying power should provoke some careful study by aspiring entrepreneurs or even established ones, especially in Nigeria’s inclement business environment.

If there is anything you could say with certainty about him, it is the fact that he has his eyes fixed on the future.

Those close to him revealed that he has remained relevant and achieved great fears based on his wonted tenacity and doggedness.

Or how else does one explain his daring moves just recently just when some other businessmen are busy looking for excuses and gnashing their teeth in the current unpalatable business situation?

The businessman has continued to sail untroubled in the entrepreneurial ocean, navigating numerous business boats with grace and nous of a veteran captain.

The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority had described as “unreasonable” Air Peace’s request for three slots, instead of one that it was given at the country’s second busiest airport, Sharjah Airport. It advised the airline to make up for the shortfall with flights to any other airport in the country that has available slots.

However, Onyema fought the battle with the backing of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the row was settled, as its deserving seven slots were restored and permitted to operate from Dubai’s busiest airport.

This is another victory for the man who many like to describe as a go-getter.

If you think the man is resting on his oars, you had better have a rethink. This is because he has a grand vision of turning Air Peace into a big, lean profits/pinning model of organisational and operational efficiency, not to mention his expansion plans geared towards widening the company’s tentacles to other corners of the globe.

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