Five Things That Damage The Womb Every Woman Should Avoid


The womb is a prominent female organ of the reproductive system. It is also known as the uterus, and is a pear-shaped organ in which a baby develops until delivery. In other words, the womb is an organ that feeds and homes the fertilized egg until the time comes for the unborn child to be born.

According to Healthline, there are some dietary patterns and specific things that prospective mothers can consider adding to or removing from their lifestyle to improve their chances of conception. Because of their effects on the womb, there are a few things that every woman should avoid. See some of them below;

1. Vigorous exercise.

Exercise keeps you robust and energized, all of which are vital when trying to conceive. The problem is that you can go too far. Exercise can interfere with ovulation if you do too much of it. Normal-weight women who exercised intensively for more than five hours a week had a tougher problem getting pregnant, according to a research published in Fertility and Sterility.

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2. Abortion pills.

Using drugs without a doctor’s prescription to end a pregnancy can impact your future chances of conceiving and having healthy pregnancies. This is due to the risk of an untreated uterine infection during the procedure.

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You don’t have to give up your morning coffee entirely, but you should attempt to limit how many cups you drink each day. The effects vary, but consume no more than two glasses each day to be safe. Drinking more than five cups of coffee per day is linked to lower fertility, according to a 2016 paper published by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. It may also increase your risk of miscarriage once you do become pregnant.

4. Drinking too much alcohol.

A baby with abnormal facial features can be born if alcohol is consumed during the first three months of pregnancy. It also has an effect on the baby’s growth and concerns with the central nervous system, such as birth weight.

5. Smoking.

Heavy smokers are more likely to become infertile, according to new research, since cigarette smoke affects the odds of a baby implanting in the womb.

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