Everything You Need to Know About Beautiful Francia Marquez, From Maid to Colombia’s First Black Vice President

Francia Maquez

No matter how difficult the journey may appear at first, it will never ‘dim the shine’ of someone who is destined for greatness.

As in the instance of Francia Gomez, Colombia’s first female black president, whose narrative not only inspired people but also convinced women that life is more than being a mother.  

Francia At the age of 16, Marquez became a single mother. Francia was born in a rural town in Colombia’s southeastern Cauca region in 1981.

She grew raised in a region devastated by violence linked to armed gangs fighting for drug trafficking and illegal mining resources with her mother. She grew raised on a dirt floor, surrounded by gender-based abuse and extreme poverty. She became pregnant at the age of 16 and gave birth to her first kid, whom she adores. She was compelled to labor in a gold mine a few kilometers from home after giving birth to support her child.

Francia was employed as a maid. Despite being a single mother, Francia continued to look for work and was eventually recruited as a maid, according to France 24. She put her heart and her into the job while also looking for a better way to supplement her family’s income. 3. A fearless achiever Anyone familiar with Marquez’s background would find it difficult to imagine she would enter politics.

She was a poor woman living in a country where economic class more than often defines a person’s place in society. Men who became presidents were educated abroad and are all connected to the country’s powerful families and kingmakers. Against all odds and glaring setbacks, Marquez showed her interest in contesting for office. According to her; “I choose to run because our governments have turned their backs on the people, and on justice and on peace.

From maid to Colombia’s first female black vice president Colombians chose Francia Marquez, the country’s first ever leftist president and first female black vice president, on Sunday. This occurred after Gustavo Petro, a former rebel, won a runoff election against a real estate millionaire, signaling a seismic shift in the South American country, which had previously been controlled by conservatives or moderates.

Francia Marquez was so sure in her abilities and beaming with smiles on the campaign trail. As she questioned the established quo and promised a brighter future for Colombians, she wore brilliantly colored Afro-Colombian costumes along with large jewelry.

Her win shattered the atmosphere in a country riven by social inequality and ruled by conservative elites for decades.

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