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Édouard Martinet, a French artist, creates beautiful animal sculptures out of recycled metal items and fragments of vehicles like cars, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

Édouard Martinet uses scrap parts from various pieces of equipment and commonplace items to create his amazing sculptures. His creations show beautiful, delicate creatures like insects, fish, birds, and toads. Martinet creates works of art out of a wide range of trash materials, including rusted pans, typewriter keys, automobile headlights, bicycle brakes, ancient watch cases, spectacle arms, etc. The work’s utterly painstaking attention to detail may be seen in the smallest screw in a hairpin prawn feeler to the lady bird’s road lamp wings. Martinet will search for the ideal part for one of his sculptures for months or even years. He patiently screws the pieces together rather than soldering or welding them together while putting the scrap together, giving it character, elegance, and life. For more info and future update Website Instagram


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