Despite her paralysis, A Woman Creates Beautiful Arts by painting with her Mouth- The true Story of Mariam Pare.

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A local woman determined to pursue her career as a painter despite having hand paralysis.

Imagine having a lifelong desire to become a painter. But  suddenly, you can no longer use your hands again.

This was the story of a young suburban woman who goes by the name Mariam Pare. But that only strengthened her resolve to find an alternative to achieve her great dream.

Pare was a creative and talented painter before being gunned down on her back which resulted to her being paralyzed about 20 years ago. She initially believed her dream was over, but all of a sudden she learned, she could still paint, but this time with her mouth.

“It was kind of clumsy the first time I tried this out,  when I placed a paintbrush to my mouth and started painting, then I shouted wow,  “I think I may still achieve my dream as a painter but in a different way”. She said..


Bob Marley was portrayed in one of Pare’s earliest works. Although she has come a long way, the Naperville artist acknowledges that getting from that level to where she finally master the act of using her mouth to paint has been quite challenging.

Since you are holding the brush with your mouth and can only extend your neck so far, it was really different physically, she said. “When I decided to work on little paintings, I discovered that the memory and the muscle memory were still present. I was only using my tongue to perform it.” This alone gave me the courage, she stated.

Presently, a number of local galleries feature Pare’s work. But she said that when “Agent 007” actor Pierce Brosnan not only purchased a portrait she had painted of him she also receive a personal invitation from him to his Home to discussed about her dream.
Pare states that her artistic path is only getting started and that she aspires so that she can inspire others.

“If they genuinely love something or are interested in something, they shouldn’t be deterred by maybe physical constraints, environmental criteria, or even social parameters – to keep trying to do what they want to do,” she advised. “Anything is achievable with zealous practice.”

Pare is a part of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists collective. Around 800 people are members worldwide. Visit mariampare to learn more about Pare’s art or the collective of artists.

Photo Credit : Mariam Pare

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