Dead Snapdragon Flowers Resemble a Strange Human Skull

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Snapdragons produce lovely flowers when they are alive.

But something strange happens when the seed pods die… The dead flower heads have the appearance of little human skulls.

When squeezed between the fingers, the skull opens and closes its jaws.

Snapdragon Flowers were originally regarded to have mystical powers by ancient cultures, and carrying one was considered good luck.

Another misconception is that eating Snapdragon Flowers will make you look and feel younger for the rest of your life… We’re going to stick with Oil of Olay for the time being.

1Snapdragons are the most metal flower known to man; when they die, they resemble human skulls. Also, as a Reddit commenter pointed out, former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn is on the bill.

The flower was given the formal name Antirrhinum.

The flower, which was once known as Antirrhinum, was given the name “Snapdragon” because, when pinched on the sides, it resembles an open dragon’s mouth. They are native to Southwestern Europe, according to the North Carolina Extension Gardener, and draw hummingbirds and butterflies.

But when they die, they resemble dried-up brown skulls hanging on a stem. It’s scary. They were given the nickname “Chris Fehn plant” by a user on the Slipknot Reddit, which is rather appropriate given that the ones in the picture closely resemble his mask with the long snout.

According to Oddity Central, because the flower has different appearances at different stages of its life cycle, it is a metaphor for both deceit and graciousness. This are some pictures of snapdragon to see for yourself.


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