Book review for “critical thinking in creative business 101” by Mary Oge Chuks

“Critical Thinking in Creative Business 101” by Mary Oge Chuks is a practical guide that explores the importance of critical thinking in creative business. The author, a business consultant and innovation strategist, provides insights on developing the necessary thinking skills to help business leaders make better decisions and create more innovative solutions.
The book is divided into three sections, each covering a different aspect of critical thinking in creative business. Part one introduces a vital review, explaining what it is and why it is crucial in business. The author emphasises the need for critical thinking skills in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment.
Part two focuses on the key elements of critical thinking, including problem-solving, analysis, and evaluation. The author provides practical advice and tools for developing these skills, such as SWOT analysis, decision trees, and root cause analysis.
Part three explores how critical thinking can be applied in creative business, providing real-life examples and case studies to illustrate the concepts discussed in the book. The author emphasises the importance of creativity and innovation in business and shows how critical thinking can help business leaders generate new ideas and solutions.
Throughout the book, the author uses a clear and engaging writing style that makes the concepts easy to understand and apply. She also includes exercises and activities that help readers practice and apply their critical thinking skills to real-world scenarios.
Overall, “Critical Thinking in Creative Business 101” is a valuable resource for anyone looking to develop their critical thinking skills in a business context. The author’s practical advice, real-life examples, and engaging writing style make this book an enjoyable and informative read that will inspire and motivate its readers. Check out this book here


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