Creative Sculptors Made Beautiful sand sculptures for SandWorld competition.

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These ingenious sand sculpture builders used more than just a bucket and spade to construct this beautiful sculpture.

For the first Sandworld event, creative sand sculptors and artists from all over the world gathered in Weymouth, Dorset, to build their magnificent works of art, an event which took place back then in 2011,  many of which have a marine theme.
Ten sculptors laboriously shaped the works of art made only of sand and water for the show, which was kept for resort guests to view.

 An amazing sculpture by Michela Ciappini, depicts a sea dinosaur that resembles a Tylosaurus slowly turning into a fossil and also has a Jurassic Coast motif.

 Beautiful creatures: Michela Ciappini carved a dinosaur for her artwork inspired by the Jurassic Coast.

In the meantime, Baldrick Buckle created a D-Day scene for his work.

The finest sand sculpture was determined at the conclusion of the event which lasted for just six-months. Winners was base on public Votes.

Before the artists began their work, over more  than 1,500 tons of sand were poured inside a sizable tent adjacent to Weymouth’s renowned sandy beach on Britain’s Jurassic Coast.

At the first-ever Sandworld competition in Weymouth, Leonardo Ugolini adds the finishing touches to his ship-themed sand sculpture.

enormous mermaid, fish, and marauding Vikings are among the sculptures, which are as large as a double-decker bus. Two tall ships racing in the water were also among the Sculptures.

The event which was open to the public back then in April 22,  lasted till october 2011. This was an amazing event indeed.

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