American sculptor Alexander Calder introduce wire art in the 1920s. Ever since  Many creative artist have  adopted the use of metal wires in their work as a result of the popularity of his steel wire sculptures. Since that time, wire has become a popular material among contemporary sculptors, who use it to create works of art that are breathtakingly beautiful. These unconventional materials have been used by contemporary sculptors like Richard Stainthorp, Darius Hulea, and Nadia Zubareva for their work

The wire art movement is attracting an increasing number of sculptors. However, each person renders the material in a manner that is distinctively unique.  For his series of stunning wire sculptures, British artist Martin Debenham uses both figurative and abstract art techniques. Each piece is assembled by the artist using individual strands of wire. Scroll down below to see son of his master piece.


















These are truly Creative.


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