Couple Gives Birth to Healthy Quadruplets After 3 Years Of Trying To Start A Family

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The birth of a child is undoubtedly among the most inspiring and magnificent events a person can ever go experience. However, the mere thought of having children can break some women’s hearts. Morales Osuna and Isaac, a couple who had been trying for three years to conceive were in this type of situation. However, happy surprises occasionally arrive in greater number than anticipated. Even though it was an emotional rollercoaster for them both, the couple remained strong.

Californian teacher Morales Osuna, 30, underwent three years of treatment for infertility before becoming pregnant. She also did not merely become pregnant. She had quadruplets as babies! To prevent a risky pregnancy, doctors advised leaving only two babies during the early stages. 

She and her spouse, however, declined medical attention. They currently have one son and three children. Since 2015, Morales Osuna and her husband Isaac have been attempting to have children. We’ve always wanted four kids, Osuna said. We visited every conceivable doctor before settling on IVF. Additionally, the treatment was a complete success. The ultrasound revealed four babies, not just one. Doctor advised reducing two embryos Isaac stated. However, we were unable to proceed and chose to leave  everyone.

Osuna carried her quadruplets until the 34th week because she did not suffer from toxicosis . After that, four adorable kids were born via caesarean section. Marissa, Marcelo, Ivanna, and Isabel were all at least 1.8 kg in weight and in perfect health. 

On the ninth day after giving birth, the joyful family returned home. Young parents hired a professional nanny as soon as they were released from the hospital. She gave them advice on creating a daily schedule and showed them how to handle having multiple children at once.

We now make sure to feed two babies at a time thanks to the nurse’s help, Osuna stated.  She is excellent at letting us know what they need because they cry when they are hungry or when their diapers need to be changed. Along with changing 32 diapers each day, we do a ton of laundry. We couldn’t be happier with our family, which is now undeniably complete, therefore it’s all worth it.

The family now even manages to keep up a blog on raising four kids. Quadruples are challenging, even only because there is so much laundry to do, Osuna added. However, we are happy to finally be a family. And we want to use our example to encourage others


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