Chainsaw Artist Transforms A Dead Redwood Tree into a Giant Octopus Sculpture.

Octopus 4

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky, an American chainsaw artist, has converted a redwood snag into a stunning huge octopus. Its massive tentacles reach out to perfection, tapering off in beautiful detail.

Samudosky, who works out of Gig Harbor, Washington, is a self-taught carver who founded JMS Wood Sculpture in 1998. Samudosky has been on the Discovery Channel and competed in events all across the world since beginning his profession.

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky with his Incredible Sculpture

Since establishing his business, the woodcarver has been creating intricate figural pieces from a range of Pacific Northwest trees. One of his most recent accomplishments is a carved Redwood copy of a Giant Pacific Octopus. The tentacles of the octopus curl and twist their way across sections that Samudosky left natural including the full back of the trunk which gives the impression that look like the octopus is on top of the tree rather than a part of it..

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky working on his masterpiece

On his Website and facebook the self-taught woodworker has more of his masterpieces available for viewing and also to purchase.
The enormous sea monster exudes a remarkable aura and appears to nearly be swimming through the water. It has influenced works of art ranging from large-scale octopus installations to sculptural candies.

The End result of Jeffrey Michael Samudosky artwork
It’s interesting to note that Samudosky started creating chainsaw art after losing his sense of touch in his legs due to a snowboarding accident. Once he was able to move again, he made the decision to face his concerns and pick up snowboarding once more. He saw wood carvings on the side of the road while traveling through Vermont’s mountains, and he later taught himself how to do them. Now carving is his full time career.

A true Masterpiece

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