Central African Republic Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

Central African Republic accept Bitcoin as legal tender officially

El-Salvador was the first.

OFFICIAL: Central African Republic becomes the 2nd nation in the world to adopt #Bitcoin as legal tender



OFFICIAL: The Central African Republic has adopted #bitcoin as legal tender.

PRESIDENCY OF THE REPUBLIC CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC Unity – Dignity – Work CABINET MANAGEMENT NAME PR / DIRCAB / 22 . PRESS RELEASE The President of the Republic, Head of State, Professor Faustin Archange TOUADERA took note with satisfaction and enthusiasm of the unanimous decision of the National Assembly relating to the bill which establishes the legal framework which governs crypto – currencies and establishes Bitcoin as the official currency in the Central African Republic. The adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency represents a decisive step towards opening up new opportunities for our country. By this historic decision, the plan for economic recovery and consolidation of peace is entering a new phase and the Executive is showing consistency in the application of the agenda which prevolts.

the achievement of strong and inclusive growth for the benefit development and economic performance, which ultimately will generate prosperity for our fellow citizens. President of the Republic, Head of State will support all the necessary efforts, in compliance with the law, in order to complete this process which places the Central African Republic on the map of the most courageous and visionary countries in the world, for all which means and implies the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as means of payment. The Central African Republic is not only the first country in Africa to adopt Bitcoin as its benchmark currency, but also the first country in the world to unanimously adopt the bill that governs cryptocurrency. We are setting out on a new path that will mark a new stage for our country, while being aware of the difficulties that we will.


Central African Republic accept Bitcoin as legal tender officially


have to face to pursue our mission. In a progressive, forward-looking vision, our Nation must be able to pursue its destiny and join the ranks of those who not only fully understand the importance of Blockchain technology, but who are also eager to legislate . Our priority is to think about how the lives of our fellow citizens will change and about the means necessary to create a stable and prosperous economy. We should do everything in our power for the common good, bearing in mind the heritage that we have a duty to leave to future generations. Done in Bangui, April 26, 2022 The Minister of State, Director of Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic Love Stor CHINM EVENSTVER BERT Obed NAMSIO

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