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Anna Degnbol, a talented illustrator, graphic designer, and comic artist based in Copenhagen, has recently created a stunning selection of work that captures her interest in colors, textures, and moods. Drawing inspiration from a mix of sci-fi, fantasy worlds, and fashion illustration, Degnbol’s art aims to create “tender and magic moments in time.”Her work is characterized by its attention to detail, vivid use of color, and unique style that is all her own. Degnbol’s ability to blend various artistic influences seamlessly results in art that is both striking and captivating.Whether it’s her illustrations, graphic designs, or comic art, Degnbol’s work invites the viewer into a world of magic and fantasy. Her art is a testament to her creative vision and passion for creating tender and magical moments through her work.If you’re looking for artwork that is both imaginative and visually stunning, Anna Degnbol’s work is definitely worth checking out. With her unique style and eye for detail, Degnbol has firmly established herself as a talented artist in the contemporary art scene.


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