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These Photos will unquestionably persuade you to hire that photographer if you’re expecting and debating whether you want a birth photographer present when you give birth.

The birth of a child is frequently referred to as “the miracle of life.” It’s true that some births are a bit more miraculous than others, though.

Photographer Robin Baker was prepared to capture the birth of twins at home because she has attended more than 70 births in her six years as a doula and professional birth photographer. It appears that her diligence truly paid.

What makes this story even more amazing is that nothing out of the ordinary occurred when the first baby boy was delivered, but his brother was born “en caul,” which means he was still inside his amniotic sac, which occurs only about 1 in 80,000 times.

They spent 30 minutes getting to know Baby A before transferring Baby B, who was still in the caul, to his father’s hands (covered in the amniotic sac). When the dad turned the baby to release the Nuchal cord and handed the child to the mother, the mom reached down and removed the sac. The mood was happy and peaceful. One of the most amazing times of my career, without a doubt! Baker clarified


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