Beautiful Hyper-Realistic Paintings that Look like Photographs by Renato Muccillo


Amazingly, Canadian artist Renato Muccillo creates idyllic and natural landscapes in his paintings that are so realistic that they resemble photographs.
The landscape paintings of artist RENATO MUCCILLO are frequently contrasted with those of Dutch masters and English painters from the 19th century. However, Muccillo’s photographs serve as a reminder of how frequently industry and man have altered and appropriated the landscape of today. At first glance, the rich colors and almost miraculous use of light mesmerize us, but upon closer examination, we see the culvert, the pilings, the log booms, or the far-off plume of smoke stacks. Even the farms that are the subjects of his paintings make us wonder if they are still in operation or have been abandoned because there is no sign of human life there; only the traces that man and machine have left behind. For more Info: website ,,


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