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A traditional Christmas treat has always been gingerbread cookies. But have you ever attempted to create anything other than gingerbread houses and gingerbread men? If not, you might want to look to Caroline Eriksson’s gingerbread masterpieces for inspiration. Life-size gingerbread sculptures of well-known movie figures are made by this Swedish food artist and motion designer. The best part, though? All of them are edible!

Since she was a child, Eriksson has made it a tradition to construct gingerbread houses each year. She eventually grew weary of building houses, so she looked into other potential structures like boats, castles, and towers. She relocated to Norway in 2013 and participated in a gingerbread competition. She created a robot for her entry—specifically, Optimus Prime from the Transformers. It took her three weeks to complete.


Caroline Eriksson’s entry in a gingerbread sculpture contest was this Optimus Prime creation.








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