The cave will be opening to 30 visitors per day, in a new tour called the ‘Meet the Baby Dragons’.

What you are about to hear may sound something right out of a children’s book. But the world is full of strange and fascinating things that go on to surprise viewers every day.

A bunch of ‘baby dragons’ that were hatched in a Slovenian cave will go on display for the first time.

Well, they are not really dragons, but an ancient type of salamander that breed just once in a decade in Slovenia’s Postojna Cave. The amphibians are called ‘olms’.

One of the female olms in Postojna Cave laid 64 eggs inside an aquarium back in 2016. Of these, 22 were hatched.

Unfortunately, just one baby olm survived. According to reports, it was the cave’s ‘best kept and most carefully guarded secret’.

For the past four years, the surviving olm has been hidden away from and has only been seen by the cave workers.

But now, the cave will be opening to 30 visitors per day, in a new tour called the ‘Meet the Baby Dragons’.

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The creatures can live for up to 100 years and spend their entire lives underwater.

“The opening of a new tour aquarium with three baby olms marks a new milestone both for the olms and for Postojna Cave,” Postojna Cave’s managing director, Marjan Batagelj, said.

“For centuries, the cave has been considered the cradle of speleobiology and the world’s number one cave in terms of biodiversity. This, however, is also an extraordinary achievement of our team – our biologists and the marketing team,” he added.

Katja Dolenc Batagelj, who works in the laboratory where the olms were born, said it was a frightening and moving experience for them as they all knew something unique was happening.

“We had a huge responsibility as the very things started happening for us that Postojna Cave had been hoping for centuries,” said Katja.



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