Baby Born with a Heart shape Birth Mark has Been Deemed “Love Baby”.

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I adore you so much, baby! The birthmark on this baby is shaped like a heart.  Baby  Murat Engin was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead, which must be a miracle that God gave to his parent.

Inar Engin is a unique little child from Turkey who chose to express his gratitude to his parents for the miracle of his birth in an unusual way. A birthmark in the form of a heart was present on Inar’s Forehead when he came into the world.

The young parents,   Murat Engin, 30, and his wife Ceyda, 28, discovered that their baby Inar was born with a birthmark in the shape of a heart on his forehead, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Even nurses came in to take selfies with the baby and nickname him “love baby” because the child was such a celebrity in the delivery room. Even though the lovely baby is 14 months old, but he continue to draw attention. Everyone smiles at us and loves him as we stroll around. It seems that Cupid is indeed real after all!

We adore him and his birthmark, Murat stated. I was the first to notice the birthmark on his head after a nurse washed up the blood. I was genuinely shocked. I only realized it had an exquisite heart as I was about to close his head. I had a hard time controlling my tears after the discovery. 

It truly resembled a gift from God. None of us felt anything negative. We think he was given the opportunity at birth. He already has  many fans. According to Inar, who is the first member of his family to have the endearing mark. The heart-shaped birthmark on his body has piqued the interest of all of our pals. He is a love baby, He is referred to as “heartboy” by the doctors and nurses when we visit the hospital for customs control. His followers are  already large.

source: weloverbaby

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