Artist Creates Fascinating Insect Sculptures from Scrap Metal.

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Martinet makes use of a range of discarded objects, including rusted forks, typewriter keys, headlights from cars, umbrella ribs, and bike chains. Each sculpture starts as a sketch, then he digs through his junk collection to find the ideal components. The completion of many sculptures can take months or even years since Martinet prefers to wait until he finds the ideal piece rather than compromising his idea. The beautiful masterpieces, which range in size from 30 centimeters to 2 meters, are created once the pieces are screwed together.

He first learned about “the wonder of insects” when he was 8 years old, and this sparked his fascination in ants, wasps, beetles, and other creepy crawlies. Today, the gifted artist uses scrap metal to create amazing bug sculptures that reflect his fascination. For more info. Website


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