Dr. Lincoln Parkes has lived a long life and has devoted a large portion of it to helping animals.

Lincoln has been a veterinarian for a long time and has assisted innumerable animals in need.

At the age of 92, Lincoln is now retired, but he has decided to spend his free time doing the things he enjoys most.

Lincoln is glad to be able to spend his golden years focused on his passion for animals even if he has retired from wearing the white coat.

K-9 Carts, a business Lincoln created, makes wheelchairs for canines with disabilities.

Lincoln creates customized carts for animals in need during the course of his workday, and nothing makes him happier than seeing a puppy light up with happiness after being fitted with a new chair. 

Lincoln can devote all of his time and attention to K-9 Carts now that he is retired, but he started making canine wheelchairs long before he retired; Lincoln has been making wheels for dogs in need since the 1960s!
It all began when a man approached him with a disabled dog.
The dog was unable to move after being hit by a car, which caused paralysis from the waist down.
The distressed pet-dad was pondering euthanizing his furry baby since he was at a loss for what to do.
The poor pup’s quality of life had drastically decreased, and taking care of him was becoming increasingly challenging.
Yet Lincoln had an idea.

He made the paralyzed puppy its own cart and took it for a test drive.
Lincoln and the pup’s guardian brought it to a field and played frisbee with it.
They watched as the dog jumped and caught the frisbee in midair after sprinting after it.
It really was a turning point in life.
The pup was given its life back by Lincoln’s cart, and Lincoln discovered a new purpose in life.
What follows is history.

Since starting K-9 Carts, Lincoln has been transforming the lives of disabled puppies.
Every cart that Lincoln crafts is specifically tailored to each dog’s needs, and it is clear how much he cares for each and every tiny dog that crosses his way.

And despite being 92 years old he is determined to keep on saving lives.


By Marvellos Yunusa

SEO Expert, Information Scientist.

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