An artist uses woven willow rods to create life-size sculptures that  Beautify the forest.

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A British sculptor by the name Anna & the Willow was inspired by artwork and gave it a modern twist. She uses English-grown willow rods to create amazing sculptures that are inspired by nature.

In the history of human civilization, the craft of basket weaving is thought to have been one of the most widely practiced in the world. In the process, a variety of components and vessels are made by weaving together pliable, natural materials.
When she enrolled in a weekend sculpture course ten years ago, Anna first began working with willow. Be  Able to work with a natural product “opened up a new world,” she says, and as a result, she moved on to gain knowledge on the various basketry techniques. “I enjoy utilizing the traditional basketry techniques and incorporating my own flair into the process.

The skillful maker creates many different willow baskets and mini presents, but her stunning sculptures elevate the age-old technique to a whole new level. Each substantial outdoor piece is first conceptualized using hand-drawn sketches, and then it is made using custom steel frames. Anna covers them with multiple layers of intricately woven willow rods, revealing their magnificent shapes. One of her Craft,  a 9- foot-tall figurative sculpture shows a woman shooting an Arrow,  another of her work,  a stag and a horse both of which appeared as life sized Sculpture mong others animals the talented Artist Created. 

Photo Credit : Anna & Willow

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