Snow-white baby born to a Nigerian family

Life is sometimes so unpredictable and often presents us with completely unexpected surprises. In this, on their own experience, the family of African Americans was able to make sure.

Snow-white baby born to a Nigerian family
Amazing Snow White baby born into Nigerian family

Ben and Angela lived in England for some time, they already had two children, and they decided on a third baby. But the birth of a baby shocked not only parents but also doctors!

In 2010, a girl was born not only with white skin, but also a blonde with cute curls.

Ben did not doubt the fidelity of his wife, because if the wife had given birth to a white man, the child would have been born a mulatto.

After tests and studies, doctors reported that the girl had a genetic failure, which is the reason for such an atypical skin and hair color for this race. Fortunately, this anomaly did not appear in the health of the baby.


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The girl is now 12 years old. She is absolutely healthy and in no way differs from her peers in terms of development. The facial features of the girl are very similar to her father.


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Such a phenomenon, for this race, is not common, but it is quite the place to be.

The family calls her an angel.


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  1. Definitely not the picture of the girl!! Stop looking for fake traffic to your page … the picture u put up as the recent pic is just an albino girl… the baby born to the parents is not albino but Caucasian

      1. This is a regular albino child. Nothing newsworthy here. Albino are to me just the same as non albino so stop making a fuss

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