Amazing Hyperrealistic Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Award-Winning Artist Miriam Escofet.

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Queen Elizabeth II passed away, yet her reputation as a loyal and elegant ruler endures. One painter was charged with creating an amazing painting of the Queen before she passed away. Over the course of seven months and two in-person sittings. Renowned artist miriamescofet—who in 2018 won the coveted BP Picture Award for her portray of her beloved mother—created a hyperrealistic portrait of the late Queen.

This oil painting, which is roughly 4 by 3 feet long, shows the sovereign seated in a majestic setting with golden accents while wearing a vivid blue garment. Of course, being asked to paint the Queen was an enormous honor, but it was even more precious for me because it was Sir Simon McDonald who saw my mother’s winning portrait from the BP Portrait Award 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery, and as a result gave me this life time opportunity. She said. For more information visit her website and her instagram

Hyperrealistic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by award-winning artist Miriam Escofet.

The Detailed painting of the Queen was created over the Span of Seven Months. It was truly a product of Hard work.

Escofet visited Windsor Palace before starting the painting to take a look at the space where the picture will be placed.

The flowers were designed to lighten the composition’s powerful architecture by adding an organic touch.

Source : mymodernmet.

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