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Just over 10 weeks into her pregnancy, Marr attended her first OB appointment. Murray sat next to her husband and administered the gel on Marr, who was still a little child.

Dr. Murray immediately gave us a strange look and turned the screen away from us as the sonogram was being done, Jenny Marr stated. The heartbeats immediately made me suspect that something was awry. He could let me know if there were any problems, I reassured him.

Oh no, there’s definitely a heartbeat, and there are actually three kids, Murray answered.
Murray shifted the view of the camera to the couple. Chris Marr allegedly passed out at that point and had a ghostly white face, according to Jenny Marr.

The shock and hush lasted for approximately six minutes before both expectant parents started crying.
I’m not sure if that was a tear of joy, even if it sounds awful. “We were extremely astonished and simply appalled,” Chris Marr said.
The news that neither Jenny Marr nor any member of her family had multiples was a complete shock, she said.
But they were also shocked by it.

Marrs saw Brian Rinehart, a maternal-fetal physician with expertise in high-risk pregnancies at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The Marrs went to see him a week later, after they had some time to adjust to the new reality of having three children rather than one.


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