According to Lauren Goodger, who also claimed that she is still grieving the loss of her newborn daughter, her body is still healing from childbirth.

On July 10, the former Towie star revealed that Lorena, her second child, had passed away shortly after birth.

Lauren, 35, watched as about 10 physicians battled to preserve her baby girl after they couldn’t find a heartbeat while being accompanied by on-and-off partner Charles Drury.

The former reality star, who is also a mother to one-year-old Larose, has said that it feels like Lorena is “still there” with her because her baby bulge is “not changing” and still visible over two weeks after the experience.

She referred to her body as “unsettled” and claimed that it felt “missing a newborn.”

“It shouldn’t happen,” I said. It saddens my heart that I won’t get to watch her grow up,” Lauren told New magazine.

No pregnancy issues were present when Baby Lorena passed away shortly after birth (Image: @laurenrosegoodger, Instagram)
Lauren has asked for a post-mortem to uncover the truth. (Image via Rex Features)

The television personality continued by saying she “never believed I would have to prepare a funeral for my child.”

I’m healing, she continued. I still feel like I’ve been ran over, and I’m bleeding.

I’m not progressing by putting the blame on myself. I have to make an effort to accept it and go on. I must first comprehend it. She was simply ideal.

Larose, Lauren and Charles Drury’s infant daughter, is already their child (Image via Instagram/laurengoodger).

Lauren recently disclosed that she intends to do a post-mortem to ascertain the cause of Lorena’s demise because the latter did not encounter difficulties during her “textbook” pregnancy or the labor itself.

“I am getting an autopsy because of this.” For my own mental health, I need to know how she died medically,’ she told The Sun.

Lorena was born with two knots in her cord, but Lauren said that most newborns are still able to acquire adequate oxygen.

The mother, who intended to give birth at home under the guidance of her midwife Tamzin, began experiencing contractions while nursing daughter Larose. Tamzin contacted an ambulance to take Lauren to the hospital since she couldn’t hear Lauren’s heartbeat.

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