After getting caught in a car wash line, a senior was issued a £100 parking ticket.

Despite the fact that Colleen Russell, 69, never really got out of her car while she was there, she was given the parking fine.

On June 25, a senior traveled to Sutton Court Service Station to use the vehicle wash, but when she arrived, there was a 30-minute line.

She claimed that the forecourt is being watched by cameras owned by the parking park’s operators, who are fining anyone who stays more than 30 minutes without a ticket.

However, the system does not account for vehicles using the car wash on busy days.

Colleen was issued a £100 parking fine by Euro Car Parks a week after her visit.

Colleen, a retired caregiver from Sutton, Surrey, remarked, “This has never happened before in the over ten years I’ve been visiting there.”

Colleen said it had never happened to her before (Picture: SWNS)


I was only waiting in line for the vehicle wash; I didn’t go in for gas or to park.

I had to wait till my turn to use the facility because there were four cars in line.

“I want to know if those automobiles received fines as well because they were also in line with me.

“I just believe it’s so unjust, especially because I’m a retiree,” the speaker said.

The verdict has been appealed by Colleen.




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