After learning how to activate the yard hose to cool off, the dog leaves its owners with a “huge water bill.”

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Meet Alfie the dog, who came up with a fantastic strategy to survive the extreme heat wave that recently swept through the UK.

Uh oh (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Can you really blame the three-year-old dog for learning how to turn on the lawn hose?

Last weekend, owner Lizzie Colden filled up her pool so that Alfie and Ayra, her two Staffordshire bull terriers, could cool off in the heat.

It only took the 28-year-old 10 minutes inside before cunning Alfie figured out how to activate the hose with his paws and teeth.

When Lizzie came back, he was dancing and enjoying the water hitting his face while running about with it in his mouth and turning the hose on himself.

Five-year-old Arya eagerly got in on the fun as well.

Despite finding the whole incident humorous, Lizzie quipped that she has to get ready for a “huge water bill” and promised to turn off the wall tap in the future.

It was hilarious, said Lizzie from Rugby in the Warwickshire county.

It had been really hot, and Alfie and Ayra enjoy using the pool and hose in particular. They enjoy spraying it and playing with it.

Alfie spent about 10 minutes teaching himself how to use the hose after I filled the pool and set the hose aside. He had no interest in swimming. He can now operate the hose on his own.

Alfie nailed his new trick in just 10 minutes (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

“I was really impressed he was able to accomplish it himself.” He is now very adept at doing it.

“He’ll assist me with the flowers.” He’s practically become my personal gardener and waters the bushes for me.

We’re going to have a big water bill, I think.

After sharing a video of Alfie’s aquatic antics on social media, it received over 31,000 views and more than 2,200 likes and comments from people who were amazed by how bright he was.

Lizzie’s not too angry (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

I’ll have to remember to turn the hose off on the tap the next time, Lizzie added.

Ayra enjoys it. She waits for him to turn on the hose before accompanying him to play in the water. They almost appear to be fighting with water.

“He’s simply so brilliant and way too clever for his own good,” several others have said.

“People have remarked on how brilliant and smart he is, and they think it’s incredibly funny.”

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