After being born with one arm, a courageous six-year-old takes the fashion business by storm.

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Thalia Coultas, who is only six years old, has experienced a lot.

Although she was born with just one arm, she is causing a stir in the fashion world by modeling for well-known companies.

mother who stays home At twenty weeks along in her pregnancy, Selby, Yorkshire resident Kerrie Coultas, 39, was informed that her daughter would be born without her left arm.

The family was shocked and in quest of explanations, but they would never learn what caused their baby’s limb difference.

Thalia was born a congenital amputee, which is a term used to describe someone who is born without all or part of a limb.

She struggled at first to perform chores that others with two arms take for granted, including putting on clothes, but she rapidly learned how to navigate her surroundings as she grew older.

Though they remain upbeat, Thalia and Kerrie have grown accustomed to other kids’ and their parents’ gazing, with some even inquiring as to what might be “wrong” with her.

They are hoping that more media exposure may make people more aware of – and less judgmental of – impairments.

Thalia photographed as a toddler (Picture: mediadrumworld/@thaliac.model)

Thalia’s career began in August 2020 when she was five years old. At that time, a woman from Zebedee Management, a talent agency well-known for representing a wide spectrum of able-bodied and impaired models and actresses, approached the family.

She took to modeling right away since she was excited and confident, and she has since worked with major retailers like JD Sports and the Early Learning Centre. A children’s TV show that she’s now filming is similarly being kept under wraps until it airs.

Thalia claims that modeling makes her feel happy and that she enjoys it, according to her mother Kerrie.

“She often asks me when her next gig is, and she really shines on stage.” Thalia enjoys wearing clothes, and she will never accept the notion that she can’t because of her arm.

The six-year-old says her favourite part of modelling is ‘everything’ (Picture: mediadrumworld/@thaliac.model)

Thalia says “everything” when asked which aspect of modeling she enjoys the most, and she has expressed interest in pursuing more acting roles in the future.

In addition to the enjoyment of posing for photographs, Thalia’s efforts to debunk misconceptions and normalize various bodies in the media are crucial.

Young children who first encounter Thalia are typically quite curious to learn what happened to her, according to Kerrie.

Some will repeatedly point at her and even attempt to grab her arm to examine it. Surprisingly, many parents do not respond well to the curiosity of their own children.

She’s now shot for brands like JD Sports (Picture: mediadrumworld/@thaliac.model)

Fortunately, Thalia is quite understanding and happy to respond to their inquiries. Over the years, we have encountered a number of nasty people and many others who look at us for so long that you could certainly paint a portrait of them.

There was nothing “wrong” with my daughter, despite the mother’s best intentions, and she did not phrase her query in any way that was courteous. This was one interaction that jumps out.

Only 0.06 percent of people with disabilities are depicted in advertisements, despite the fact that one in five people have a registered handicap.

According to her mother Kerrie, her daughter is “an advocate for limb difference,” and she is “showing that we can all have aspirations, and they can be a reality for everyone, regardless of how we appear or any impairment we might have.”

She thinks that Thalia can not only make society more inclusive, but also empower other kids who don’t feel like they are represented.

For people without disabilities, she said, it’s crucial to have all facets of society represented and in good positions rather than archaic, derogatory stereotypes.

We aspire for diversity to advance further and for every youngster to be able to look up to someone who resembles them.

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