Even though the mother’s health was already precarious, the quadruplets were delivered naturally without any help from surgery.

In addition to being four months pregnant, Chabi Nayak, a native of Sarankul, Bhanjanagar Block in the Ganjam district of Bhubaneswar, was living in abject poverty. She was sent to SCB Medical, Cuttack, because of the severity of the problem and their precarious financial status.

The issue became more serious when SCB testing revealed that she has sickle cell disease, acute jaundice, and severe anemia.

(Image Credits: Navesh Mohnay)

The doctors and experts from the Gynaecology, Hematology, and Hepatology departments at SCB Medical saw it as a challenge and used a multidisciplinary strategy and exceptional techniques to preserve all 5 lives.

(Image Credits: Navesh Mohnay)

The medical staff led by Dr. Tushar Kar (HOD, Gynaecology Dept, SCB) were able to perform the miracle, resulting in the birth of 4 baby girls. The most astonishing thing is that despite Chabi’s precarious health, her spirit of embracing motherhood led to the delivery of quadruplets safely and naturally without the need for any medical assistance. By the grace of God, the mother is responding well to all the therapies, and all four of the newborn girls are doing well.

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