According to Sai Pallavi, her parents severely reprimanded her for writing a love letter in seventh grade.

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After her parents discovered her with a love letter, Sai Pallavi claims she was too afraid to write another.

Sai Pallavi, who most recently appeared as Vennela in the Udugula Venu-directed film Virata Parvam, stated that her parents beat her severely after learning that she had written a letter to a boy in class seven. In an interview with the well-known YouTube channel “My Village Show,” which was made possible by Netflix, the actress was asked if all of the letters she wrote for the movie were real or not. She responded,

“In this movie, I composed them according to the director’s requests. But in reality, I only ever wrote one letter. In my early years, I wrote a boy a letter. Maybe when I was in the seventh grade. I was found out. My parents beat me up a lot and severely.

The actress portrays the role of Vennela, a Naxalite leader who falls in love with her and decides to become a part of his life in order to bring about his mother’s final meeting with him before she passes away.

Sai said, “Vennela from #VirataParvam is one of the most unforgettable parts I’ve had the wonderful pleasure to play,” as the caption for a few behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram. T is now available for streaming on @netflix in!

And I’d like for you all to watch her journey!”

The actor who plays Comrade Ravanna, Rana Daggubati, claimed that, like Sai, he had only ever written one letter in his life. As a little child, he addressed a letter to his well-known Telegu filmmaker grandfather Daggubati Ramanaidu.

“Well, when I was a child, I wrote one to my Grandfather in Karamchedu. And that’s all. After that, I stopped writing letters to people, claimed Rana.

Virata Parvam did not perform well in theaters following its June 17 release, but it has been praised after it began to stream on Netflix on July 1.

Amazing actors like Priyamani, Nandita Das, Naveen Chandra, Zarina Wahab, Easwari Rao, and Sai Chand are featured in the movie.

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