Aaron Carter: Cops found compressed air cans, pill bottles at death scene:


As controversies continue to trail the death of Aaron Carter, cops who responded to the 911 distress call have given more clues as to what may have led to his sudden death.

 Officers who responded to the 911 call reportedly told TMZ that there were multiple cans of compressed air in the singer’s bathroom, where his body was discovered on Saturday as well as in the bedroom of his home.  The source also revealed they found prescription pill bottles at the scene.

Inhalant abuse, or “huffing” products like compressed air, can cause permanent brain damage that can lead to irreversible neurological deficits, according to the American Addiction Centers. Huffing can also lead to seizures, coma and sudden cardiac death — even for first-time users — reports the Cleveland Clinic. Additionally, replacement of oxygen in the lungs with toxic fumes from inhalants can result in asphyxiation.

Meanwhile, Anthony and Amanda Cheval, Aaron’s medically trained personnel told the Daily Mail in an article published on Monday that they rushed over to the singer’s home in an effort to offer medical care after hearing the frantic 911 call on their police scanner but were denied entry by his housekeeper.

It could be recalled that Carter, first revealed his addiction to huffing during a 2019 episode of “The Doctors.”  At the time, he claimed his late sister, Leslie Carter, who fatally overdosed in 2012 at the age of 25 was the one who introduced him to the habit.

 “It’s something that I’ve kept secret from the whole world until now,” said Aaron at the time, noting that he began to huff when he was “about 16.”

Aaron claimed he “didn’t really touch it” again until he was “about 23,” right after he competed on Season 9 of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2009.

Aaron’s cause of death is yet to be decided, pending toxicology results.

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