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In his “Porcelain Beauty” series, Russian designer and photographer Yulia Taits beautifully depicted the beauty of albinos.

I’ve had the idea to design and document a project that focuses on albinos or persons who have albinism for a while. I’m mesmerized by the beauty of them. For me, this beauty is so pure and beautiful that it seems to have come straight out of stories and fairy tales.

In my job as a Photoshop artist, I am passionate about building fantastical environments. I had a fantastic experience with this series because I was able to produce the stunning photography without using Photoshop. Pure natural beauty was revealed.

No additional coloring was used in any of the white-toned pictures. 

I’m eager to demonstrate that there are numerous shades of white. It contains numerous colors, tints, and lovely tones.

I had the good fortune to meet some incredible folks while making this photo project. I was quite inspired to make this project thanks to the models’ and parents’ encouragement. This incredible endeavor is a result of their enthusiasm and support. I’m quite pleased with the outcomes this experience has produced.

Scroll down to get some inspiration by yourself through these beautiful being. Visit his website for other projects and follow him on Instagram for more incredible work.





















what a beauty to behold.

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