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Creativity is the formation of original thoughts through discovery and exploration,  Be able to create and develop something new is the main goal of someone who is creative. In children, Instead of being motivated by concern for the final product, creativity focus more on experiences. It is important to distinguish between creativity and talent, skill, and intelligence. Being creative involves thoughts, positive reasoning, exploring, learning, and imagining. Creativity is not about doing something better than others but rather, doing something new in a different way. Creativity can be found in all areas of a man’s life and can be learned on a daily basis because we typically associate creativity with all various form of artworks, In the case of this palestinian Artist, his own type of creatively will blow the mind of people who came across his artwork. He creatively Created a masterpiece of art on a cactus Tree. This piece of art worth beholding, how did he do that, only creativity has the answer to that question.. Below are some of his work.

This is truly creative. So beautiful to behold.

photo credit: Civil Engineering ideas.

By Marvellos Yunusa

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