This time, Netflix has a new update for users who want to share accounts as it continues to gradually but steadily crack down on account sharing.

Starting next month, Netflix is introducing an alternative ‘add a home’ feature in certain regions (Credits: Tina Rowden/Netflix)

The major streaming service has been carefully examining several options for how to charge users a little bit more for using multiple accounts.

In Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, it debuted a “add extra member” option in March 2022.

Netflix is launching a different “add a house” function in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as of next month.

Any Netflix account, regardless of plan, will now contain an additional home where users may access Netflix on any device thanks to the new “create a home” function.

Netflix is slowly but surely cracking down on account sharing (Netflix)

To use Netflix in addition to this main “house,” they can purchase additional properties. Users will need to pay an additional £2.49 per month for each property for this. The Basic plan allows members to add one additional house; Standard allows up to two; and Premium allows up to three.

This has no impact on how consumers stream Netflix on their tablet, laptop, or phone while traveling away from “home.”

The account settings page will allow subscribers to manage the locations where their accounts are utilized as well as to remove residences at any moment.

The business claimed that when it comes to pricing for use across many residences, it makes an effort to be “as conscientious as possible.” It is unknown if and when the feature will be implemented in other nations.

More than 100 million households are reportedly swapping Netflix passwords. The seemingly innocent habit that has spread throughout most homes is costing the business millions of dollars in sales.

Netflix has introduced a new update for users who want to share accounts (Credits: Netflix)

The common practice of account sharing among households today jeopardizes our ability to make long-term service improvements and investments. stated Chengyi Long, director of product innovation at Netflix.

It appears that Netflix is walking lightly when it comes to charging for account sharing, starting only with a few countries, still reeling from a record-breaking loss in members.

The company reported that it fell short of its projection of attracting 2.5 million users by losing 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter. In addition, Netflix lost 700,000 subscribers when service in Russia was suspended during the invasion of Ukraine.

Netflix revealed last week that it would be launching a less expensive subscription package with advertisements.

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