A Kentucky Woman Almost died after she picked up a dollar Bill she found on the ground

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A mother recounted how she almost lost her life  after picking up what she believed to be a “lucky” dollar from a McDonald’s floor.

The woman who goes by the name Renee Parsons and her husband parked at a McDonald’s to use their restroom, Renee was operating the vehicle.

The mother saw a $1 note and quickly picked it up on the ground and quickly stuffed it into her pocket.

Renee claimed that she did wash her hands Immediately after I recalled how my  husband cautioned me about how  individuals drugging notes.

She claimed that when she started to feel ill, she was bragging to her husband about how fortunate she was to find a dollar.

“All of a sudden I felt it start in my shoulders and the pain started to spread,” Renee posted on Facebook.

I pleaded with my husband to assist me. I’m not lying—I feel quite humorous.

“I grasp his arm without even knowing, and as soon as I did, the whole of my body went numb. I could hardly move, speak, or breathe.

As Justin screamed my name to stay awake and attempted to call 911 in order to locate the nearest fire station or hospital, at this point  I was struggling with every part of me,  I literally passed out before reaching the hospital
 I finally felt somewhat normal again after a few hours and some medication.

The police officer who accepted their report, according to Renee, who had been traveling through Nashville, Tennessee, US, stated the note could may have been discarded after being used with drugs.

According to specialists, she would not have experienced the same reaction by applying the medicine directly to her skin, as reported by Yahoo.

Dr. Rebecca Donald, a fentanyl specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told WSMV that if the woman had accidentally licked her fingers, rubbed her eyes, or accidentally rubbed her nose, she would have been considerably more likely to experience a reaction

Source : Daily mail

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