You can be immensely envious of a new property listing if your home is now unbearably heated.

It has a little secret underneath (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)

You can be immensely envious of a new property listing if your home is now unbearably heated.

A five-bedroom property in Nottingham with its own network of caves has just gone on the market.

In fact, given that the UK is presently experiencing record-breaking summer temperatures, it’s the ideal shaded solution for a heatwave.

Alderman Thomas Herbert created the column caverns between 1850 and 1876. They were initially intended to house his amazing collection of life-size statues of gods, druids, and even Jesus Christ.

A lovely courtyard too (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)
The perfect heatwave offering (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)
It comes with its own network of caves (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)

A gigantic 7,000 square foot contemporary mansion can now be built on top of the 19th century caves thanks to the house’s inclusion in the planning permission package.

Jackson Crane Architects have actually designed plans for a new structure that would be more than twice as big as the house on the current property.

How the five-bed house looks at the moment (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)
Inside the property (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)
Lots of space to play with (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)

The current configuration of the three-story building includes a spacious entrance hall, soaring staircase, contemporary living room, and lounge dining.

However, plans also call for an expansive, modern open-plan kitchen, party area, a gym, a garden room with views of the terrace and caves, a galleried landing, a study, a snug, a utility area, and a laundry room, as well as two home office spaces.

What proposals for the property look like (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)
Pretty impressive (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)

The house is presently listed with Nottingham-based estate brokers FHP Living for £1.74 million.

‘We feel that this fantastic house lies on one of the larger plots in the famous Park estate, in a prominent location with commanding views,’ a spokeswoman added.

To our understanding, the proposed residence will be among the largest contemporary homes to ever be built on the estate, making it an interesting project for any discriminating buyer.

Lovely gardens and a balcony too (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)
Good garden space too (Picture: FHP Living / SWNS)

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