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Daniel Popper is a South African-born artist who is renowned for his enormous, fanciful Art projects. His enormous sculptures, which frequently explore meaning of human deep connection, are instantly identifiable. Popper frequently exhibits his work at art and music festivals, and in 2019 he made an amazing entrance for EDC Las Vegas, which is the biggest electronic dance festival in North America popularly known as EDC, or the Electric Daisy Carnival. It is held yearly at the Las vegas Speedway.

The piece is titled Chasm and depicts a woman’s head disintegrating gradually. Metal rods connected the sides of her face, and an arched doorway carved out of her bust led visitors into the Nomad’s Land section of EDC 2020. Graffiti was also added to the sculpture which was created by the artist A-A-Ron and his team. The beautiful Sculpture is over 24 feet tall.

EDC is renowned for its brilliant art installations in addition to its outstanding music. Many artists could find it intimidating to design the ideal entrance into the fantastical world of EDC, but Popper was up to the task. The atmosphere seems to be subjugated by the spectacular charming and beauty of this great Sculpture, which is made even more breathtaking by the live performance light sources.

Society’s cracks served as the source of inspiration of this great piece’s of art. In fact, the sculpture’s name, Chasm, was inspired by the word’s significance. According to Popper, “Chasm, a profound cracks in the earth or rock, depicts a post-apocalyptic monument, which reveal the schism in our broken society,. “though it may even seems like there are only a few thin threads holding it together.

When EDC Las Vegas comes back, from May 20 to May 22, 2022, festival-goers will still be able to experience and enjoy Chasm because it is still standing tall. Additionally, Popper’s magnificent installations at the Morton Arboretum will be on display until 2023 if you want to see more of his work.

Photo Credit : Daniel Popper.

By Marvellos Yunusa

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