A Giant Interactive Gorilla Sculpture in Bristol Zoo, UK

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Bristol zoo Garden can be found in the South West English city of Bristol UK.. The stated goal of the zoo is to “keep and safeguard” biodiversity through breeding rare and endangered animals, protecting their habitats, and fostering a greater appreciation of nature.

The zoo’s mammal collection includes roughly 300 animals from 50 different species, including gorillas, Asiatic lions, Goodfellow’s tree-kangaroos, and red pandas. Livingstone’s fruit bats, aye ayes, and quolls are some of the species now on display in Bristol Zoo that are uncommon or nonexistent in other UK zoos.

The Twilight Zone exhibit at the zoo was the first of its kind when it initially opened. while outdoors are multiple aviaries and a seal and penguin display.

 Gorillas, golden lion tamarins, golden-headed lion tamarins, gibbons, and squirrel monkeys live on the islands of the lakes, Outside the Zoo Garden is a massive interactive gorilla sculpture that weighs more than four tonnes astonishes so many visitors.

The 180 square meter gorilla, Wilder, is constructed from local yew, cedar, pine, and oak, and it will be on display until the zoo shuts in September.

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