A five-year-old who is extremely intelligent and enjoys math can recite pi to more than 100 places.

Meet Haigen Oakes, a five-year-old with a mind that boggles our recollection.

Haigen, a Norwich resident, first saw pi while tinkering with his father’s phone calculator. He promptly committed it to memory.

Later, he looked up the mathematical word on Google using his mother’s phone and was mesmerized by the results.

He recently stunned his mother, Jessica Saunders, by reciting the number to a hundred places.

A calculator is Haigen’s favorite toy, according to Jessica, 33.

I think it says a lot that “I have to purchase him new ones all the time since they run out of battery.”

Haigen has always had a knack for numbers, which is aided by an incredibly strong recall.

But he excels in every topic he studies in school.

Jessica, who oversees care facilities, remarked that Hagen has always been exceptionally intelligent and completely fixated on numbers.

He enjoys math the most, although he is also proficient in spelling.

I was surprised when he began talking about pi because a five-year-old doesn’t typically show interest in that topic.

He describes himself as a human calculator (Picture: SWNS)

However, he had been staring at it on my phone for a long time before blurting out the figures.

He was getting all the numbers correct, to my total surprise, and he just kept going.

Jessica posted a video of Haigen performing his trick online, and many who saw it were astounded by the boy’s talent and left thousands of likes and comments.

Although Haigen’s mother is impressed by his academic prowess, she believes it is crucial not to place undue pressure on him at such a young age.

We’ll simply have to wait and watch how he changes over the next years, but for now, we are incredibly proud of him.

When I grow up, I want to become a rocket scientist, said Haigen.

“Numbers are my very favorite thing in the entire world because I am a human calculator!”

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