Both parents eagerly anticipate carrying their little One for the first time after the child is born. Hospitals have currently made that devoted opportunity available to parents. The value of this moment is felt by both new and experienced parents.

Until the child is old enough, their parents will always hold them in their arms thousands of times over the course of time. Unluckily, it only happened once in the life of one girl.

On December 11, 2011, Mark was confirmed cancer-free after eight months of treatment.
Nine days before  the birth of his fifth child, Mark was admitted to the hospital, where it was discovered that he had pulmonary fibrosis, a lung condition as a result of  scarred or damaged tissue (January 3, 2012). As a result of Mark’s treatment, he developed this condition.

When taking the right prescribed medication, most pulmonary fibrosis patients have a 3 to 5 year survival rate.

On January 16, 2012, hopes for steroid and oxygen treatments began to fade and this made things to get worse.

Doctors informed that Mark would not live for very long at the time, just before the delivery. There was only one week left in his life.


By Marvellos Yunusa

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