A family celebrates the trans girl’s gender revelation at age eight.

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Ella Scott told her parents she didn’t feel like a guy when she was just six years old.

Her parents Nikki, 38, and Graham, 39, initially believed their daughter was going through a phase, but they soon realized she was adamant about embracing her trans identity.

In order to inform Ella’s extended family of her journey, the family chose to celebrate her eighth birthday with a “gender reveal” party and photo session.

Mom Nikki stated, “With Ella, it’s like she always knew but we simply didn’t.”

“When she was younger, she was usually pals with girls and played with Frozen toys, so we always knew she was a little odd.

“I have two other kids, Ella’s siblings, two rough-and-tumble cisgender guys, but Ella never wanted to join in.”

She wanted to start wearing dresses and skirts when she was six years old.

Since Ella was our first child and it was all we knew, I must admit that I assumed it might just be a phase. We let Ella to choose her own costume for Halloween one year, and because she chose to be a cat, she donned a skirt and cat ears.

Mum Nikki wasn’t sure what to do when her daughter first came out (Picture: Sydney Mugford / Caters News

Because Ella lacked the language to express it, we showed her books on trans individuals because neither of us knew what the correct thing to do was.

At some point, she admitted, “I’m not a boy, I don’t feel like this inside.”

When Nikki and Graham’s kid initially came out, they were at a loss for what to do.

Nikki explained, “We were so perplexed, questioning whether she was too young and whether we were doing appropriately.

We wanted to be sure our actions wouldn’t be detrimental or hurtful.

“We scheduled a meeting with a psychologist from our neighborhood Reach Out Center for Kids to make sure we were acting appropriately.

“We will now let Ella take the initiative.” She began using the pronouns she/her in first grade, eventually growing her hair longer and donning girl’s attire.

However, other from that, Ella is a really joyful girl with an enthusiastic temperament and has been throughout her adventure. She did get unhappy when her hair wasn’t growing quickly.

Nikki now shares Ella’s story online to help other trans children and their parents (Picture: Sydney Mugford / Caters News)

The good news is that Ella’s two brothers, her family as a whole, and her friends have all been incredibly helpful.

She may now investigate her gender identification in a setting that feels accepting and comfortable.

Grade One was confusing because some of her classmates claimed she wasn’t a girl, according to Nikki. But we decided to relocate Ella and the rest of our children.

“Ella’s new school was the ideal setting for her to further explore who she is, and her instructors have also been incredibly helpful.” She is surrounded by a fantastic set of pals.

Family welcomed her with the greatest love and support, as was to be anticipated.

Since it is her family and home, it also serves as her safe haven.

Nikki made the decision to create a social media profile to chronicle Ella’s transition process in order to support other parents who might feel bewildered when it comes to their child’s trans identity.

When she transitioned, I discovered a ton of information for young people but none for children. Ella would not be eligible since Ella would not have begun puberty by the time she applied to the majority of local clinics.

‘I want parents to feel they have a safe space because we didn’t have anyone else us to help at the start of our journey.

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