A Creative Hotel Chef Transform Water Melon into Incredible fruit sculptures

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When you look at this sculpture closely, it becomes clear to you that they are made of watermelons, and these images, which capture their exquisite designs, have become the latest online phenomenon.

When fruit carvings were frequently offered to monarchs at banquets in the Far East 700 years ago, the art form was  first emerged.

Formerly, they would appear as mythical creatures and flowers, but nowadays anything goes, including waddling penguins and the Taj Mahal.

Takashi Itoh, the hotel’s chef, is the creator of many of these examples. Itoh spent three weeks teaching himself the craft, which typically takes years to master, after being inspired by carvings he saw while on vacation in Thailand in 2001.

He manually slices each portrait with a little knife. Simple designs can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, while more intricate works take 40 to 90 minutes to complete. This is truly creative…

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