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Little Bobby was tortured and beaten for four hours. His wounds required a ventilator to keep him alive, but eventually, doctors advised his parents to turn it off. Bobby didn’t give up when they did, and has since been outperforming the odds. Keep trying, little one!

Berry and Elsie Webber’s only goal for their honeymoon was to relax and have fun together. Knowing their children were in the capable aunt’s care and that she would keep a careful check on them gave them peace of mind. They didn’t expect the aunt’s lifelong partner to act in an unimaginable manner. An terrible guy named Andrew Nolan mercilessly abused and beat a 7-month-old kid named Bobby, leaving him struggling for his life. 

During the incident, Elsie’s sister was outside playing with the other kids.

The assault lasted four hours and was highly severe. When little Bobby was taken to the hospital, he had multiple skull fractures, a spinal fracture, injured genitalia, and bite marks all over his tiny body.

The doctors gave Bobby a dire prognosis and put him on life support. They advised the parents to stop the ventilator and let their son die.

The Webbers made the decision to take that advise, but Bobby continued to breathe on his own after the life support was turned off.

Was it a divine act? Without a doubt. Everyone was astounded to learn that the brave young child was willing to fight.

Bobby is still making an effort to enjoy life to the fullest four years after the Brutal Act.
Due to his injuries, he has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and vision loss, but it doesn’t stop him from fighting.

Bobby’s mother told Daily Mail Australia that anything her son accomplishes “truly baffles my mind.”

Bobby “The Brave” overcame all challenges.

The most challenging aspect is the constant position switching. Elsie stated, “He can’t sit up or crawl to go where he wants to be. He needs on  to help him.”

“He continues. There will be a lot of lifting when Bobby awakes. He gets his first medication dose, and we work to switch him. We take him there because he is currently being trained to use the restroom. But what really stands out is how nearly fully potty trained he is.

“It is definitely one of his most major accomplishments, substantially affecting our family dynamic.” We were told he wouldn’t ever do any of these things, but here we are. He also has epilepsy, however it is in remission.

Bobby engages in social activities and his epilepsy is in remission. He presently participates in Liberty Allstars cheering every Sunday, which allows him to socialize and have fun with other kids with disabilities.

Elise states that he doesn’t feel any difference now that he can take part in a sport.

He doesn’t carry a stigma, and he enjoys being at Liberty, taking part in events, and hearing everyone applaud an accomplishment he is proud of it.

For Olivia, Bobby, and I, the encouraging environment is a blessing. He really does react to music so nicely. Some of the people in that gym were complete strangers before becoming family.

The Bobby story is both heartbreaking and inspiring.He deserves all the praise for persevering despite the obstacles.

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