8 Cheap Things You Can Buy And Hold As Investment In Nigeria

1. Maggi cubes.

Maggi was two for N5 in 2012, but now it’s one for N10 now. Who knows, you could wake up next year and hear that one cube of Knorr Chicken now goes for N50 per piece. Better buy the dip now before it rises.

2. Titus sardine.
Titus Sardine (125g) – Chopbox
Sardines are now hotcake, but Titus sardine is the hottest of them all. It recently attained a record high when it rose from N340 to N650 in less than one week. Bitcoin is shaking. You better buy and hodl now, so you can resell when it lands at N1k.

3. Egg.

You can bear me witness when I say eggs once sold for N25 per piece, four pieces for N100. Now, one piece of egg goes for nothing less than N80. Chickens are now laying the new Cryptocurrency. Egg-o-currency to the moon!

4. Gas.

Before we say anything, it is important to let you know that anyone who can afford to refill their gas these days is a ritualist. If they cook for you with that gas, you better not eat it. Maybe they want to collect your destiny and use it to refill gas. But please, investing in gas is one easy way to cash out these days. Do you know how much one kg costs now? You better buy and hodl now. Christmas is coming, you will make your money back. Just stay safe sha. Don’t let your investment kill other people. Their ghost will swear for you.

5. Onions.

Onions will soon start competing with gold. Two small pieces now sell for N100. And these are sizes that used to sell at N20 per piece. Can you see how wide the profit margin is? If you are lucky, you can enter into partnership with a caterer. Year in year out, you will just be cashing out. If we were you, we would even buy stocks for our unborn children with it.

6. Titus fish.
Titus Fish – Frozen – Carton (20Kg) – FARMBOY.NG
Like Titus sardine, like Titus fish. One piece now goes for N1k plus, and according to the investment analysts on Zikoko’s Wall Street, this is still estimated to rise higher. You better buy ice blocks and convert your bathing drum into a cold storage. Stock up Titus fish and wait. When the boom happens, even Dangote will be begging you to invest in his business. Dangote wey still dey find money.

7. Frozen turkey and chicken.
Frozen turkey is now N2,500, if not more. Frozen chicken is slowly climbing up to N2,000 per kilo. If after all our advice, you still don’t know that you should invest in it now, then we are sorry for you oh. Don’t you want to get rich?

8. Vegetable oil and palm oil.
King’s Vegetable Oil 3 L – GoMarket
If anyone is saying tech is the best place to make money, it is a big lie. Tech, when you can invest in vegetable oil and palm oil, and cash out big time

 Do you know how much one gallon of vegetable oil is now? BUY THE DIP NOW OH. BUY IT NOW. A lot of these tech people are surviving on investment returns from vegetable oil and palm oil. They are just using tech to cover face. If tech is as easy as they say, how come you have not made money after one week of UI/UX?.

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