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Many mothers simply can’t wait and need to learn the baby’s sex as soon as possible, even though some have the most wonderful patience and wait until the baby is born to do so. There are several alleged indicators that can tell you whether you are having a boy or girl. Others are all hearsay and should definitely be treated with a grain of salt, while some are scientific and might actually be onto something. However, some mothers firmly believe these theories! The majority of them have little to no scientific support, which won’t likely surprise you. In actuality, only your 20-week scan will truly reveal what you’re having. Here are some indicators that you are having a baby boy:

 Carrying low: How are you carry? They claim that if the answer is low, you will be having a boy as the baby! You’ll carry higher if you are going to have a girls as baby.  While I can’t guarantee that this is true for everyone, I can say that with my own pregnancy, I am carrying my baby girl higher than I did with my boys.
Glowing Skin:  girls tends to steal your beauty,” if you notice that you are unquestionably more beautiful during your pregnancy, it is likely a boy. According to scientists, having a girl as a child can cause an increase in hormones s, which can lead to skin problems.
Cravings: What kind of cravings do you have? If you are expecting, a baby boy,  you will be craving for salting foods And sweet food for baby girl.

Morning Sickness: Some research have supported the idea that having a boy during pregnancy results in less morning sickness because of the lower hormones  levels Although I can’t say that this has been true for me, it appears to have some scientific support.
Your Linea Nigra: The dark line that some pregnant women develop on their bellies is known as the linea nigra. Typically, it rises from the pelvic region. It is thought that you will give birth to a boy if it rises above your belly button. You’ll have a girl if it stays below the belly button.
Intuition : There is unquestionably something to be said about a mother’s intuition. Mothers really are the finest. There is a good chance that your gut instinct about having a son is accurate. Moms are always right! There you have it, then! Six signs that you’re expecting a boy! Many of them are quite ridiculous, but a few of them actually appear to be on to something.

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By Marvellos Yunusa

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