6 Crazy Ways Your Body Changes During Pregnancy, The Last One Will Surprise You.

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A really wild experience, both physically and emotionally, is being pregnant. However, that shouldn’t be that shocking considering that you are now carrying a baby human inside of you. However, those hormones cause your body to perform some pretty bizarre things when they are present with that small human. Here are eight of the most strange things that can occur to you when a bun is baking inside your oven.

Hello Hips: As your body prepares to give birth, the centre of your pelvic bone will actually separate. However, that wide pelvis makes your baby’s entry into the world easier!

Welcome to the Dark Side: You may have noticed a dark line forming along your stomach and a bulging belly button getting a little brown?

It is Known as the “linea nigrea” it is actually always present, but pregnancy hormones change the skin’s pigmentation to make it more obvious.

You found it difficult to recognize your vagina : You might notice that when your baby is on board, your vaginal actually changes color, taking on a blue or purple tint (known as the Chadwick Sign). Additionally it can swell up due to the effect of increased flow. You may also notice that you have a distinct smell or increased discharge there. 

But wait—more there’s (and this is the kooky part): approximately 10% of pregnant women end up having vulvar varicose veins.  Yes, you read that correctly. Your boo-boo can actually begin developing swollen, sore, and blue varicose veins as a result of the uterus’ weight and strain causing a decrease in blood return from your lower body. These usually clear up few weeks after delivery.

Walk This Way: Your tootsies grow! More extensive, wider, and swollen.

You possess vampire breath. Blame those hormones for the overgrowth and causes bacteria development in your mouth, which can result to bleeding and bad breath. “While pregnancy can predispose women to having gum and teeth problems, gingivitis in pregnancy is regarded unrelated to the amount of plaque on your teeth,” Dr. Cutler.

A Hairy Situation: You seem to be growing hair everywhere. Pregnancy-related hormonal changes may cause the hair on your head (yay!) or body (boo!) to grow or thicken. A few months after giving birth, you could notice your hair on your head starting to fall out. Don’t fear! It’s simply your body’s method of returning to normal, which usually happened six months after delivery. Dr. Cutler.

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