5 Incredible Sculptures of Daniel Popper that are Celebrated Globally.

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Daniel Popper, a globally respected interdisciplinary creative artist from South Africa country, is renowned for his enormous figurative symbolic sculptures and breathtaking street art installations at international music and art festivals. His Giant and beautiful Artworks infuse each location they inhabit with charming and unimaginable fantasy, from a huge female goddess at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to a 12-meter-tall (39-foot-tall) forest god at Boom Festival in Portugal. All these artwork are truly a great beauty to behold.

During this year Modem Festival held in Croatia, one of Popper’s latest artworks, which was name Modem Swamp, is an enormous 8-meter-tall (26-foot-tall) female figure. The fantastical masterpiece is posed holding her face in front of her head inform of a mask, presenting the wild jungle growing inside her skull. She was made out of steel, fiberglass, and concrete and is encased in these materials.
The piece appears to change in color and components at night due to a process called projection mapping , at some point, it even appears to be made from chrome.

Poppers also produced a 7-meter (23-foot) sculpture of a Mother like character blowing kisses to every event attendees as they approached the venue from the entrance , he titled the 2019 work ANIMA. The magnificent sculpture, which is made from steel,  fiberglass, wood, and natural materials, rests on glass among plants and reveals more luxuriant foliage below.

Interested in these enigmatic giants sculptures? Explore even more of Popper’s expanding portfolio on his website by scrolling down to see more of his magnificent outdoor sculptures. daniel popper

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