These are the list of popular award-winning actors of the same age bracket but you’ll find it hard to believe.


A couple of them surprised me.

John Washington has his father’s smile, and I’m pretty sure Denzel is proud of his boy.

Red pillers, take note.


Jamie Foxx is 53?? shocked

And Paul Rudd seems to be aging backwards… Like Ben Buttons cheesy

Will Ferrel looks like someone’s favourite elderly uncle, while Jamie Foxx looks like someone’s manchelor boyfriend


Willem Defoe is my favorite method actor, and I had no idea he is up to 66. Wow.


Now let’s do some ladies.

Make up or not, Lupita’s skin is flawless. Dark chocolate and flawless. Ladies and gents, avoid bleaching because black don’t crack. (Yes, men also bleach).

MufasaLion, see Gal Gadot your senior babe! cheesy She’s a lot younger than I thought, and so beautiful.



This Zazu Spiderman girl (abi what is her name) has been making the news for her myriads of wardrobe malfunctions, but thankfully her chest is flat so even when she has a nip slip, there is nothing to ogle at.

I could have sworn Hermione (Emma Watson) was still in her early 20s. What tha??!?  Oh boy, person don dey old o. That little girl of yesterday is now 31 years old. embarassed


Macaulay Culkin…*sucks teeth*.

Phew! embarassed I’m surprised he is older than Superman (Cavill). Culkin definitely did not age well. AT ALL.

Jared Leto’s eyes though… He can comfortably play the white man’s version of Jesus of Nazareth. And he is 50years old!! Wawu kiss

I love these guys … And shocked they are age mates. These two definitely aged well. Splashing zaddy vibes hither thither grin

Who are you picking? The Gladiator or John Wick?

Jonathan Wike for me, any day, any time grin Russell is projecting grandpa vibes. Maybe because he is heavier than Keeanu.

Wait till you see Tom Cruise’s age

Two legends. I thought Denzel was in his mid 50s, not late 60s. Good heavens, I am shocked.

I grew up watching Jackie and for me, this man will never age. NEVER cry

Tom Cruise is 59 and still does his own stunts. This one weak me. E weak me gaaaaan. HenryDion will be proud undecided


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